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Window Comparisons Part 5 - The Hardware, Colour, and Accessories

Posted: 2012-05-25 Permanent Link

Windows vary dramatically in quality and price. Many people believe that all vinyl windows are basically the same, and that just isn’t the case. Think about this… matter what you buy there are all different prices, qualities and life expectancies. Anything from socks, computers, cars, furniture, flooring, appliances etc, etc. Windows are no different. There are 2000 manufacturers in Canada and the quality varies just like with everything else. Remember there have been a lot of improvements to windows over the years. Here are the basic things to consider when choosing a window.

Hardware – There are many, many different companies making hardware. It is good to stick with a well know name. Truth hardware is a North American company that has made window hardware for decades. They make 3 different qualities. The best one is Truth Maxim hardware. It is guaranteed for the life of the window. A lot of companies get the hardware from china and the quality and life is usually much lower then the good hardware.

Colour – Window manufacturers usually offer 5 or 6 standard colours. There are different technologies for applying the colour. Solar bond paint has the best warranty as it’s properties are UV reflective. It’s very important to consider this, especially on darker coloured windows.

Accessories – There are many accessories available for windows. Nesting hardware, (to accommodate blinds or shutters), snap in screens, retractable screens, internal grills, brickmould, jambs, simply clean glass etc, etc. It’s important to speak to the salesman about the different options in detail as many of them can’t be added later. Options that increase the curb appeal of your home are a very wise investment and can pay you huge dividends if you ever sell your house.

Stay Tuned for our next article in the series “Window Comparisons Part 6 – The Buyer”

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