Three Steps to a Happy Homeowner

Three Steps to a Happy Homeowner


This means you get experienced, knowledgeable representatives to help you decide what’s best for you. We will explain the pros and con’s of different window styles, and offer expert advice on what best suits your home and needs. This is a very important step and can make a huge difference on the final outcome of your improvement.

FYI: Many companies hire salespeople with LITTLE or NO background in home improvement. They are generally more concerned with their commission rather than your home and in many cases, lack the experience to benefit you at all.


We do the work!

With over 25 years experience actually installing windows ourselves, we have the knowledge and expertise to transform your home.

We have made many refinements over the years and would be happy to show you the differences between our installations and those of our competitors.

FYI: Most companies hire somebody else to do your job and pay them on piece work. This means the people installing your windows, only get a fraction of the money you pay. Read more about our installation process.


We carefully select specific manufacturers that stand behind their products. They offer the highest test results, certifications and the best warranties. Our manufacturers have deep roots in the industry supplying quality products across Canada for decades.

FYI: Many companies claim to have top rated windows, but the NFRC website, (National Fenestration Rating Council), shows differently. These same companies use the NFRC symbol in their advertising. It is very easy to check the results for yourself at the website.