The Halton Window & Door Company do not hire sub-contractors. We do the work!

With over 25 years experience actually installing windows ourselves, we have the knowledge and expertise to transform your home.

We have made many refinements over the years and would be happy to show you the differences between our installations and those of our competitors.

FYI: Many companies hire somebody else to do your job and pay them on piece work. This means the people installing your windows, only get a fraction of the money you pay.

Frame Out Installation

This installation includes the removal of your existing window frames to the original builders opening. The new window is installed with new jambs. It is then fully insulated and new interior casing is installed. The exterior is finished with vinyl clad brick mould or aluminium capped, whichever is best suited.

This is by far the best way to install new windows. Glass size is increased by 2” in height and 2” in width, when compared to replacement windows. Obviously, this increases the amount of natural light and is more pleasing to the eye.

The new jambs and casing beautify the interior. The sleek lines obtained by removing the bulkiness of the old frame, makes the world of difference to the exterior. The added insulation between the rough opening and the new window help with cold areas, drafts, and energy efficiency.

Replacement Windows

This installation does not include removal of the frame. The new windows are installed within the existing frame, and insulated around the perimeter.

The interior is finished with cove mould or caulking. The exterior is finished with aluminium. This installation is more economical than the frame out option and is commonly done on older homes to preserve the interior woodwork.