Services FAQ

Q. How quickly can I expect you to complete my job?
Typical lead times for materials run from 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the type of materials being ordered.

Q. What kind of guarantee does Halton Windows & Doors give for their installations?
The Halton Window & Door Company warranties their workmanship for life. Even the caulking is guaranteed for 5 years.

Q. Do you take the old products and debris from the job site?
The Halton Window & Door Company removes all construction debris from the job site.

Q. Do you insulate around the windows?
The Halton Window & Door Company not only insulates around your window, but trims out the interior and exterior of the window.

Q. Are there any added extra costs later?
The Halton Window & Door Company does not add any extra costs to the jobs unless additional work or products are authorized.

Q. Once the work begins, does it continue through completion?
Weather permitting; The Halton Window & Door Company will continue its work on consecutive workdays through the completion of the job.

Q. Do you install all year round?
The Halton Window & Door Company installs even in the winter. While it’s easier to work on the exterior of your home during nice weather, we have the knowledge, experience and equipment to keep the weather out of your home during the window replacement process. Also since the winter is historically the slow time of the year for both window manufacturers and our installation crews, we are able to respond more quickly during this period. Ask us about our special winter installation program.