Gary and Susan Britton

My wife and I recently purchased windows and doors to upgrade our house and had the most pleasant experience with Halton Windows. We ended up going with the local guys, literally, they used to park their truck on our street! That’s where we got the phone number to call. It’s not often you get the best price and the best service (as well as dedication to quality) in the ‘local’ guys: our experience with Anthony and Mike, at Halton Windows, turns this theory on its head.

In short, Mike and Anthony were terrific. They are professional and both made extremely helpful suggestions during the preparation of the quaotation. We had wanted to take out a window in the main bathroom and were actually talked out doing so by Mike who saw that doing it would really not fit with our long term plans for the bathroom. We were no oversold! To us, this spoke loudly about exactly what kind of guys we were dealing with.

We placed our order and were surprised at how little time it took for the windows to be ready for installation. We were surprised, again, at how little time it took for them to complete the whole job. We had a couple of tricky “cut-outs” which included cutting the bricks as well as installing a new concrete threshold for a garden door. This was done with such ease and efficiency that I would have thought I overpaid, had I not been around for the entire process and seen what work went into it. What really blew us away was the attention to detail and the quality of the finishing, inside and out. The wood work around the garden doors was so nice and beautifully done that I have considered redoing all my interior doors the same way, in order to match.

We can’t say enough good things about Mike and Anthony. We had gotten quotes from other local guys, as well as out of town suppliers, and you never really know what you are going to get. We never had the benefit of having someone work with any of the companies we had spoken to. We would like to pass this on to you. We have already recommended Halton Windows to friends and will continue to do so. We highly recommend Halton Windows, Mike and Anthony and their product.

Yours sincerely,

Gary and Susan Britton