Jennifer Hamp

I am writing this letter with great thanks and high regard to the gentlemen of Halton Window & doors who recently exceeded my expectations upon completion of the installment of two beautiful windows in my newly purchased home.

I’ve dealt with my share of contractors in the past, and I must say that the gentlemen from this company was extremely efficient, organized, and above all the most reliable contractor I have met. Halton Windows & Doors stood by their word to me. They did what they said they would do, when they said they would, with absolutely no hesitation.

I was very impressed with their careful attention to detail and regard for cleanliness. In fact, I think my house was a little bit cleaner after they left than before they had arrived!

Seldom have I been able to recommend someone without reservation, and because I have every confidence in their ability, it is and will be my pleasure to do so anytime in respect to Halton Windows & Doors.

Thanks again!


Jennifer Hamp